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Over half a century of experience serving customers

With more than 50 years of experience, Diffusione Orologi is an Italian import and distribution group in the watch and jewellery sector, including some of the most renowned brands in the world of trendy accessories.


Years in the watch and jewelry field




Points of sales in Europe & Asia


Points of sales in Italy


International brands from the watch and jewellery industry flanked by established company-owned brands make up a brand portfolio characterised by a taste for trendsetting and innovation in the industry.



Daniel Wellington

The idea for Daniel Wellington was born while its founder, Filip Tysander, was travelling the world and met a charming British gentleman whose style was always impeccable, yet simple at the same time.

This man loved vintage watches with ‘NATO’ style straps. His name was Daniel Wellington. Inspired by the timeless style of these watches, Filip decided to create his own line of accessories.


Opsobjects is a brand of watches and jewellery, with a made in Italy design, which intends to surprise and excite those who love to enhance their look with its creations.

The collections suggest a fun and original way to live everyday life with enthusiasm. With OPS! traditional models abandon classic conventions and materials, creating a unique mix of style and contemporaneity.

The colour, the brilliance, the transparency, the soft-touch details of the hi-tech materials that meet the classic shapes give life to jewels that tell an emotion and to watches that give rhythm to the day revealing a rainbow of feelings.

Opsobjects has overturned the meaning and philosophy of goldsmith’s art by introducing unique materials, shapes and designs.


Last born in the OPS family! it is the OPS!SMART, the first smartwatch of the collection with all the codes of the brand, especially the color and the easy approach.

Available in the brand new OPS!SMART CALL LOVE DIAMONS lines, six references, four silicone and two mesh and OPS!SMART ACTIVE CALL, twelve references all with colored silicone straps, which combine fitness functions and call functions in a single smartwatch. Finally, the line is completed with the basic version, OPS!SMART Active and OPS!SMART Call.


PDPAOLA was born with the aim of revolutionising the jewellery industry.

Style awareness and distinctive quality constitute its essence: a curated fashion accessories brand that unites contemporary women on their journey.


COEUR DE LION is a leading manufacturer of contemporary designer jewellery – Handmade in Germany. The company was founded in 1987 and has been growing steadily ever since.

Today, the brand is successful in all major European markets, including France and Germany. Its success is due to its parures (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) made of natural stones.


The protagonists of our brand are today’s girls, aged 20 to 40, with the desire to change the world, with the positive energy of those with solid values ​​and precise ambitions.

The jewel identifies their personality. Contemporary, aware, citizens of the world. They don’t own things but create moments, memories, experiences.

Kulto nine to five jewels accompany them with sobriety, distinction and personality.

Kulto nine to five is the balanced choice of those who know that spending on a jewel, even if emotional, is not ephemeral, of those who buy an accessory to wear from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, but also from 5 in the evening to 9 of the morning, which lasts over time.

For our women it is not important that the jewel is expensive, but it is important that it tells their stories and transforms them into the true protagonists of the Brand.


Kulto joined the group in 2014. It is the group company that distributes the jewellery brand of the same name.

The Kulto jewellery lines are fascinating and eclectic, chic and contemporary: they are ideal for every look and can interpret a different mood every day.


IAM THE WATCH was introduced in 2019 by our Group to give voice to the personality of each of us and immediately became the most clicked accessory on the web, becoming the status symbol of a new young and dynamic tribe.

Offered in two sizes, the watches are transformed every day, simply by replacing the silicone strap and inventing wonderful new color combinations.

In 2022, IAM THE SEA was born, a project born in collaboration with #tide to create a new line of sustainable watches made from 100% recycled plastic. For each watch we use micro grains of recycled plastic produced by #tide, participating in the ambitious project to collect 1 billion bottles by 2025.